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WGWS Hall of Fame

WGWS Hall of Fame

The World's Greatest Website Hall of Fame

This page honors those individuals are great, or who have done great things - if you want to nominate someone, send me an email!



The first inductees into the World's Greatest Website Hall of Fame is YOU, the fans. Give yourselves a hand!


Albert Gore, Jr
He was and is right about everything - Iraq, Global Warming, the Internet - and won an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize. What a different country and world it would be if this intelligent man had been President in 2001, instead of the idiot we ended up with.



Kurt Weiss (1952-2010)
In 1998, Kurt started, an on-line community of alumni of Westwood High School. There are over 4,400 members, and countless old friends have reconnected thanks to Kurt's efforts. Kurt did a great service to the Westwood and Township of Washington community, and we will always remember him and be grateful for his service to our community.


George Harrison (1942-2001)
Musician / Humanitarian

Before there was Live Earth, before there was Farm Aid, before there was Live Aid, there was the Concert for Bangladesh, a gathering of the greatest names in rock and roll in 1972 to raise awareness and funds to help the people of Bangladesh. The "Quiet Beatle" was also possibly the coolest Beatle, and most definitely the coolest ex-Beatle. George, we miss you.



All we know about him is that his first name is Rich - whoever he is, he made one of the greatest posters ever!



The undisputed Biggest Fan of the World's Greatest Website, an Eyewitness to History who has appeared in newspapers and magazines, spanning the continent, from Times Square to Neverland Ranch to Dealey Plaza, he has developed innovative and complex theories about such historic events as the Michael Jackson case, the OJ Simpson case, and of course, the events of November 22, 1963, championing the cause of 11/22 unsung hero JD Tippett. He is known in Dallas as the "Second Zapruder". His latest endeavor is the investigation of a near-runway-incursion at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, in which he appeared as an expert eyewitness on KHOU-TV.

And, as if the above were not enough, on June 11, 2011, he made history by becoming the 9,000th visitor to the World's Greatest Website!

Andy, welcome to the WGWS Hall of Fame!